Weight control

Year ago I have entered to a new work group in our company. New collegues had a tradition for last 3 years — they measured there weight every day to see what affects to there kilogramms. For example holidays in all inclusive 5 star hotel gives +4-6 kg, or deseases on the contrary gives -4 kg. So I decide to take part in this experiment too. And starting from the 1st of april 2011 I started to measure my weight together with my new collegues. Today I decided to summarize all my data and see how it looks like.

Let’s take a look at the graph. Mostly all last year A have a stable weight. Direct sharp lines — it’s holidays, while I had not measured. Most difference we can see only during last 4 months. First it is growth just after the new year holidays — lot of food and sleeping. Then declining — it’s the time when I started to go to the gym very active. In total for the year I have lost nearly 5 kg. Not bad.


I think that sometimes it is usefull to make such experiments at yourself. It helps us to see changes and understand that you are not standing at one point and you always in move. It’s interesting.